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What is Eureka?

Eureka! is a bespoke activity day that take you on an interactive, immersive journey through the dangerous world of international antiquity trafficking. Your old pal, Sam Shakes, is now a renowned archaeologist, but he is in deep trouble! When he turned up in the village of Ystradfellte with a van full of high tech scanning equipment in search of long lost Roman treasure, who could have predicted this quiet little village would end up at the centre of an international antiquities heist!


Finding himself in over his head with some very dangerous people, Sam has had to go on the run. Without the evidence securely contained in his top secret bunker, there is no way the authorities would even believe his story. It's been a long time since you last saw Sam, but can you be the ones to track down and unlock his secret data to bring these dangerous criminals to justice?

Suitable for groups from 4 - 30 people, taking place outdoors, you will be required to use logic and reasoning to solve puzzles, complete tasks & challenges, and learn new skills like archery, to crack the codes to save Sam from an uncertain fate, earn your group celebration goodies, and receive the exclusive, and highly coveted, Eureka keyring torch!

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